Wednesday, October 28, 2009

umm....can i get you a tissue?


As you have probably gathered, I live in the library. I spend probably as much time in the library as people do in their respective, big kid jobs. Boohoo for me....I KNOW! But that is not the point of this post!

So the library at my school is pretty laid back. You can bring in food, drinks, blankets, whatever. But one thing a person should never bring into the library is the sniffles!

Ew, where do I begin. This individual sitting across from me (well, he was, but we'll get to that) is disgusting. The man has a cold, which fine, its flu season- I trust most responsible adults would bring Purel and be considerate.

Well not this one!!!

(Preface: I have a favorite spot in the back where I can sit an observe both the view of the outside neighborhood-a.k.a the ghetto- and my fellow classmates as they walk in and out.)

As I sat in my little library cubicle someone sits across from me. He's got a little sniffle. But just a few minutes into our library relationship out of the corner of my eye I see some movement. Homeboy is PICKING HIS NOSE.

It started out rather discreetly, but then apparently he got a little more bold and REALLY started digging.

Sniffle, sniffle, dig, dig, DIG.

I was traumatized. I tried staring at him- that didn't work. Apparently his eye was so focused on the 'prize' that he didn't seem to notice me. I tried clearing my throat- nope, nothin'.

In the end- I dramatically gathered my things and I moved. Yep- go me and my passive aggressiveness! In my next life, maybe I'll have the courage to hand him a tissue, but because this relationship was so fleeting. I think it best to just pull a simple fade out and concede my favorite spot.

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  1. hhahahahaha i definitely remember yours (and my) patience in high school for the sniffles. yea not so much.

    and i can just picture you staring, clearing your throat and then leaving. i literally laughed out loud when i was reading this.