Monday, October 12, 2009


So, today is a big day! I have an interview for a Trial Ad class!

First up: A four minute memorized closing argument. Still not completely committed to memory, but I guess there is a little time left!

Then: The interview: praying the word vomit stays down and I do ok! Half of the questions on the questionnaire deal with things like OCI and interviews...psshhh...let's not get ahead of ourselves! I have yet to interview for a single job position for the upcoming summer.
(SIDE NOTE: if you're not in law school--you may not know but probably 10% already have summer employment and the other 85- 90% are freaking out because they don''s insanity.)

Wish my's time to put on that interview suit.

Grey suit, pink top and black heels! Pull the hair back, suck it in for the nude nylons and I am set! :)

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  1. oh man!!! i hope it went well! i'm sure you did fantastically as usual :)