Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Thought

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My Thought of the Day:

While getting a law degree will hopefully enhance one's life in a multitude of ways, personally I have stumbled across some occasions that give me some concern.

Today, I was reminded of one of them.

As a part of my school's SBA (think High School student council, seriously), I receive a lot of emails that I am CC'd on. In the past few days I've received a couple that worry me.

Who are these people and why must they write like they are drafting a "Summary of the Argument" for the US Supreme Court?
A word to the wise: words like "First of all" and "Moreover" have no place in the exchange of menial emails over scheduling conflicts.

Case in point: It is my sincere hope that you take my concerns in this email seriously and take appropriate measures to cure these conflicts, including some of the remedies I've suggested. I, and the (insert club) of Loyola, look forward to your prompt response.

Really people? No one needs an official prayer for relief. The oddest part is that I know the original correspondents on this email and they're friends...like hang out on weekend friends.


That is all, thank you.

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