Monday, November 30, 2009

Crushes, Thieves and Finals Soundtracks...

OK SO...

after a wonderfully long, relaxing, delicious thanksgiving weekend it was finally time to get my ass to the library and get some serious studying d-o-n-e.

a little interval running at the gym...a shower and I was off...

...sat down at my standard chair and one hour later in stolls my law school crush. swoon.

OK: before i continue, let me explain my law school crush. crushes, in my world, are harmless. they are not romantic interests. i have a boyfriend and i love him very much. (and no he did not pay me to say that!)

my law school crush is law school cute. and for that reason he thinks he can act like a jerk. and by think i mean he does-and he gets away with it.

anyways, study, study, study....aka boring, boring, boring. listening along to my favorite finals soundtracks- Michael Buble...standard. Glee Soundtrack...necessary. Christmas music....weee!

come dinner time i am STARVED. so i left with my finals buddy. we giggled over my leftover spagetti (thanks mom!) and made a starbucks run.

i returned to my seat and go back to studying. i reach for my compilation of cases. 23 pages of hard earned work.


now, i know what you are thinking...that i misplaced it. nope. it wasn't in my bag, it wasn't under my computer or in my notebook. someone's sticky paws got a hold of my work product.

feeling completely depressed i leave. i catch my law school crush outside and reveal my tragic loss.

'uh....whatever you have it saved.'


good times. good talk.

on the way home i text my finals buddy.

me: my crush and i are fighting
finals buddy: hahaha omg. so funny! He didn't let u cry on his shoulder?! wtf...
me: i'm starting to think the feelings aren't mutual
finals buddy: Haha. yeah i know what you mean...remember hottie #1. (code for another law school crush)
me: as a general rule...everyones gotta have a law school crush. ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll!

Lookie at the pretty library from my undergrad!
if only it was there when I was a student!!!

Do all my posts deal with my experiences in the library? Well, yeah, they kinda do!

But that will not stop me...

Today I reflect on the differences between undergrad library-ing and law school library-ing.

#1- Purpose...
In undergrad, around finals time the library was the place to be seen! Everyone went to the library to PRETEND they were stressed out. It was exactly what the gym was like the two weeks before spring break...loud and crowded with the beautiful people. ugh.

In law school, the library is most students' home for 3 weeks. As I look around me I see people with 3 (empty) coffee cups, lunch backs, scarves, and a plethora of reading material. No joke people.

#2- Productivity Level...
In undergrad as you probably gathered, people didn't get anything done in the library. Me, being the serious (ha) student that I was (am?) never spent a whole lot of time in there. (Instead I parked it in front of my TV with the DVR going non-stop....yeah my roommates were not impressed either!)

In law school it is hit or miss. Some people are super serious and actually drink their numerous lattes (read: above). Others are just here updating their facebook statuses.

or maybe just updating their blogs

#3- Library Attire
In undergrad people looked so snazzy. Maybe it's because I went to school in LA where literally everyone wore their hair in a 'pouf' and had their sorority tees and skinny little stems in leggings and UGG boots, but that was my reality.

In law school people take the whole sloppy student thing VERY seriously. Hair in a haphazard pony and if you're lucky, you might see a few people that actually look like they got dressed while it was light out. There are a handful of people who do get dressed...bless them.

Anyways, this is my thought of the day. Back to the Rules of Evidence
(who cares about the Common Law rules, really?!)

update: there is a student who has a plug-in Christmas tree attached to her Mac PRO. It even changes colors...ummm...someone is looking forward to the end of finals!!! (11/30/09)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking Back

finals are already here?!

With the most dreaded time of lawschool just around the corner, as always i start to feel a little nostalgic. FINALS are the one time where everything in law school is put on hold for outlining, flow charting and cramming.

Last year I spent many weeks in the library. Tonight, I decided to post up on my couch. I studied for a bit but now the LAKESHOW has started. Yay for multitasking: Lakers and Fundamental Rights...woot.

But my friends I digress... for me, when things really start to suck, I turn to reminiscing about my old life. Every year I pour through photos and think of simpler times.

But instead of turning too far back- this time I took stock of my 1L year. It's amazing to think how far I've come. And yet, to some it may seem like I am standing in the exact same place...

regardless, it is exactly where I want to be! <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


With finals just around the corner my usual case of finals insomnia has set in!

Usually I am a grandma and I go to bed SUPER early

(read: 10:30 PM).

Unfortch- I am up and peer editing papers. One more to go!

Good news is as of today I am officially done with one class! Goooo me! I had my oral argument today.


My opponent set up my rebuttal in a way that only God himself could have handed down to me....I'm a believer alright!

Anyhoo, back to the grind I go!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A day in the life....


back to the library and BACK TO WORK! today i sat at my normal seat and just guess who showed up picker! today he was kind enough to bring a sandwich, loaded with onions. lucky me!

interestingly, the onion smell dissipated a bit when he walked away for the moment. EW, right?

i don't even wanna know!

as for me, just working on some homework and con law outlining. Oh, the joys of law school life!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lame Update

Good News!

I turned in my App Ad paper today!!!

Here's the thing with App Ad: I think it has been the most rewarding class I have taken so far. Pretty much all on my own I learned how to prepare an appellate brief.

27 pages of gloriousness!

Thanks to a special someone who read the entire brief aloud to make sure it was perfect I think it went well.

NEXT STOP: Oral Arguments!