Monday, November 30, 2009

Crushes, Thieves and Finals Soundtracks...

OK SO...

after a wonderfully long, relaxing, delicious thanksgiving weekend it was finally time to get my ass to the library and get some serious studying d-o-n-e.

a little interval running at the gym...a shower and I was off...

...sat down at my standard chair and one hour later in stolls my law school crush. swoon.

OK: before i continue, let me explain my law school crush. crushes, in my world, are harmless. they are not romantic interests. i have a boyfriend and i love him very much. (and no he did not pay me to say that!)

my law school crush is law school cute. and for that reason he thinks he can act like a jerk. and by think i mean he does-and he gets away with it.

anyways, study, study, study....aka boring, boring, boring. listening along to my favorite finals soundtracks- Michael Buble...standard. Glee Soundtrack...necessary. Christmas music....weee!

come dinner time i am STARVED. so i left with my finals buddy. we giggled over my leftover spagetti (thanks mom!) and made a starbucks run.

i returned to my seat and go back to studying. i reach for my compilation of cases. 23 pages of hard earned work.


now, i know what you are thinking...that i misplaced it. nope. it wasn't in my bag, it wasn't under my computer or in my notebook. someone's sticky paws got a hold of my work product.

feeling completely depressed i leave. i catch my law school crush outside and reveal my tragic loss.

'uh....whatever you have it saved.'


good times. good talk.

on the way home i text my finals buddy.

me: my crush and i are fighting
finals buddy: hahaha omg. so funny! He didn't let u cry on his shoulder?! wtf...
me: i'm starting to think the feelings aren't mutual
finals buddy: Haha. yeah i know what you mean...remember hottie #1. (code for another law school crush)
me: as a general rule...everyones gotta have a law school crush. ;)

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  1. amazing. as always. hahahaha!!

    a boyfriend, eh? might i know him?!?!

    go you :)