Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking Back

finals are already here?!

With the most dreaded time of lawschool just around the corner, as always i start to feel a little nostalgic. FINALS are the one time where everything in law school is put on hold for outlining, flow charting and cramming.

Last year I spent many weeks in the library. Tonight, I decided to post up on my couch. I studied for a bit but now the LAKESHOW has started. Yay for multitasking: Lakers and Fundamental Rights...woot.

But my friends I digress... for me, when things really start to suck, I turn to reminiscing about my old life. Every year I pour through photos and think of simpler times.

But instead of turning too far back- this time I took stock of my 1L year. It's amazing to think how far I've come. And yet, to some it may seem like I am standing in the exact same place...

regardless, it is exactly where I want to be! <3

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