Monday, December 7, 2009

Wasting Time.

Since I've been studying Con Law II for weeks now, you could say I am up to my ears in rules, balancing tests and policies! I need a break....

but what to do?! where to go?!

Since internet shopping is out of the question (hello tapped out checking out account!), I resort to the wonderful world of Facebook!

Sadly after checking in every, oh, 20 minutes or so, doesn't bring a whole lot of action on the mini feed I resort to facebook stalking- my second favorite internet past time (shopping being the first, of course).

Ways I judge you on Facebook
1. Your profile picture.
Profile Pics speak volumes. Are you looking at the camera? Confident. Are you in focus? Not confindent. What expression do you have: pensive, laughing, smiling, serious? I'll be judging you... Are you alone or accompanied by another? That's cool, unless it's only a semi-close friend...then its awkward. Is it even a picture of you?! Sad.
These are important considerations. Who are you if your picture is of you dog? Or, of your feet?
2. You favorite quotes.
God forbid you have something trite like: or anything you heard on the movie Hitch. I'm sorry but barf.
3. Your status updates.
Are they funny or thought provoking? Then at least your doing your part to entertain the masses. Are they a play by play of your life? Then you may be more FB obsessed than my. Are they about how much you are in love? If this becomes a habit, we're gonna have to talk. (more barf) Are they always total downers? Then cheer up, or I'll likely defriend you.

Procrastination complete. Happy (rainy) Monday!

1 comment:

  1. seriously...i love each of your posts. they have me cracking up everytime i read them!!!

    i agree 100% with you. stalking: one of my top 5 favorite past times. i judge profile pictures. i think statuses say alot about a person. and i'm tired of seeing 1. wedding albums and 2. pregnancy albums all over the book.

    love your procrastination habits. go you :)