Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Could it be?!

Final numba one...down. It was the biggest beast of a final. I have been through 7 finals now and this one was by far the hardest. I studied my buns off. I took practice tests. NONE of them even compared
....honestly WTF

And to top it all off....CHEATERS. I had to use the ladies room before the test. My study buddy points me into a particular stall and there, wedged in the freaking tampon box are two note cards. There it is: Cruzan. Impusively I ripped up the cards and threw them away. Looks like someone went to the bathroom very disappointed.

So, who was it? It's unclear, but I have my suspicions. There were 4 females, myself included, in the bathroom when I found the cards so they are off the hook. There were only 4 others in the classroom....sketchy right?

To all the cheaters out there- you won't prosper while I'm on the watch. Eff. Yes.

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