Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Intern says... Parte Uno I have a co-intern at one job that is ridiculous. She says the most ridiculous things. She's older as far as law students go but you would never be able to tell. Aside from her constant stories that begin.... "When I was working in DC/on the Hill...." she looks probably about 23-24. Lucky biotch! ;)

Well, let me tell you I have had enough. The following quotes are the reason why:

~"I can't stand people that wear's not like I would wear a guillotine on my neck!"

~"Well, they probably don't even have dental records in Russia!!"
{Re: Mel Gibson's fiancé's claim that he punched out her teeth.}

Her: Well, Paris Hilton has really calmed down.
Me: YEAH, I think she grew out of it...homegirl is pushing 30.
Her: Gee, thanks! {taking offense at the age remark, I guess?}
Me: Umm, were you in jail for a violating probation? Trust me, I was NOT making a comparison to you.

~"What the heck pedestrian why would you walk through a crosswalk when it's rush hour?!"
{NOTE: This is an actual legal crosswalk in SaMo}

~"What's the point of having a community college in Compton. I mean if they were smart why would people stay there?"

HER: "I refuse to go to another jail...I'm sick of men ogling me!"
ME: "Are you suggesting men don't ogle you in the real world?"
{Answer: ???!??!??}

Now, let me say this with a caveat: I say some really ridiculous things. Half the time, my intention is to get a rise out of people. But there is a time and a place. In the workplace, in front of superiors, is NOT the place!

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