Tuesday, July 6, 2010


{not a bad shot...right}

So, TODAY my fellow interns and I got to go the the LA Sheriff's Special Enforcement Bureau to train with their weapons. To better appreciate the work of the department....of course....

but hey it was super cool!

I got meet some great officers and a really sweet K9 dog named Kenzo! I guess he is super friendly for a police dog and we got to pet him. So adorable.

Anyhoo! I got to shoot a Beretta 9mm.
It was super heavy and ready hard to load with my tiny mits.

THEN, I got to try the MP5K- this is a semi/fully automatic gun and I got to shoot it on both settings. If you refer to the pic:
The triangle was with the 9mm.
The middle square was both 9mm and MP5K.
#1- was the deputy's demo.
#2 WAS ALL ME BABY. [check out the perfect mark]
#3 ALL ME.
#4-#5- that was me too. with the MP5K [not that good of a shot- that gun is way HEAVY]
Bottom square- was the MP5K on fully auto.

Conclusion: I am a badass. I really wouldn't want to mess with me in a dark alley.
\that is....if i am armed with a weapon..../

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