Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Workin' 9-5....feeling a little CBG

OK- it is 1 AM PST....WTF is wrong with me?

Jet lag from my Hawaiian getaway is still getting the best of me- terrible.

Anyhoooo, HELLO!

Today was my first day of work ya'll! Because I am a crazy person and decided to work a full 40 hours when I could've gotten away with 3 or 4, I've undertaken not one but TWO legal internships...go ME.

So, let's see. The work I'm going to be doing at job number one is AWESOME. Confidentiality is really gonna cramp my style a bit though since I won't get to share any of the nitty gritty. But, basically, I am working for an office that investigates the Sheriff's Department. On my first day I got to read case files and have really candid discussions with a couple of the attorneys. AND, I will get to go on several field trips so that will be fabulous.

I also met one of the two co-interns with whom I will be sharing a small conference room. She is a rising 2L- therefore "younger" than me. BUT, she seems to be a know-it-all and just may know her stuff. BUT, she also goes to our rival law school (MY rival school since undergrad). Soooo, for now I'll withhold judgment and hopefully will gain more perspective on that.

Here's what I gleaned from our initial meet: She is 4 years older than me. She looks younger than me (hrm, something about the eyebrows). She worked in DC for a big firm and doesn't want to do it again. She is a very serious student. I even learned that she rewrote all of her notes at the end of each class. Whatever works, right?

And this brings me to my new little title: CBG.


You see, as a friend put it, there are bad girls who get caught and bad girls who are too good to get caught (ok, I may have revamped a bit).

It may just be a mindset at this point but I am feeling a little CBG.

Summer has set in, let's see what kinda trouble I can stir up. I don't know, I just feel playful!

Work hard
(Did I mention 40 hour weeks? UGH).

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  1. hooray for being back!! hang out time somewhere in between those 40 hour work weeks and your CBG time :)

    shoot....maybe i'll just join you for the CGB.

    love you xoxo