Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Makin' the law, MAKIN' THE LAW!

Doesn't Lady Justice look sexy here?

Such a fail....

I have yet to update on job numero dos.

I've worked a few days at the California Court of Appeal for a wonderful Justice. I honestly just wish he could be my grandpa. He is the cutest man! I stop by each day just to say hello and we talk about one of my favorite things....THE LAKERS! Today we switched it up and discussed a little baseball, he actually got to see Ted Williams play a Fenway!

As girly as I may be....I do love me some sports.

Anyways- it would not be fair to keep secret my most embarrassing experience.

On my first day at the court, we had a little sit down with one of the CA Supreme Court Justices. Things were fine until he wrapped up our discussion. I went to leave the room and I saw the lady next to my stand up and begin to walk...what I thought was right alongside me....

Next thing I know I am crashing to the floor!
The people by me start shouting calling MORE attention to my unfortunate state.

Crashing may not actually be the right word, it was the most graceful fall I've ever had.
I landed neatly on my side!
But, nevertheless I have a HUGE purple bruise on my side....

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