Monday, May 3, 2010

Feeling Frumpy

OK, I suck, I suck!

I still haven't posted my belated posts, just trust I will!

Anyways, studying at the lib today and I'm feeling a little frumpy. As you know it is finals time so the concerted efforts I usually put towards my appearance have zeroed in on less appealing topics. For now, that topic is Marital Property. YUCK.

Feeling low about my outwardly unfortunate look:
A bright pink tee, shorts that are (at least) a size too big, and UNPAINTED toenails.

As luck would have it, my spirits quickly brightened when I noticed my neighbor's outfit:
Royal blue sweatpants with white socks exposed under brown flats and a buttoned up sweater coat.

Some other unfortunate sightings include:
1. Snuggies
2. Males in wife beater tanks
3. Visible panty lines- but really, nothing new there!

Thank God, I only FEEL like the frumpiest at the lib.

1 comment:

  1. haha that picture is so funny and i totally agree with your list there! :)