Friday, January 15, 2010


So here I am in my home away from home.

[I hope by now I don't need to tell you I'm in the library.]

And some Schmuck [yes, I know Yiddish] walks in giving a group of bright eyed prospectives a tour.

First off, tours of the library always make me feel weird. Like I am a caged animal at the zoo. Second, law school tours are kinda dumb when you think about it. I know because I've given them.

["Look kids, here's the cafeteria, a random empty classroom and the LIBRARY... isn't law school exciting?!?"]

But I digress. So this person walks by and comments, 'ummm, I really don't know why people are in the library right now...'

Grrr. Freakin' GRRRR. Here I am on a Friday morning in the library. I get it, my life sucks. Confirming that fact to 20 prospectives doesn't make you look cool. And it doesn't make me any happier to be here.

In response: I indignantly stuck my tongue out at him.
[...yeah, that'll teach HIM!]

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